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francaisFrancais DanskDansk

Here are some of Slicker's more recent developments. Thanks to D. Gaston for putting this together originally.

"David Czechowski"

Here's a screenshot of a cardapplet I'm working on (slowly, but surely)

Martin Galpin lists@evobb.com


Weather has been appalling all day, snowing, freezing - haven't been able to get out the house so I figured it was a good day to get to grips with the card framework and a topical ideal would be to port/base would be the kicker applet KWeather.

So, I have adapted it a little, changed a few things and turned it into a Slicker card. It's not too bad, it's an early version and it's real intention was as a practise at the framework - and I have learnt alot.

Kurre Stahlberg kurre@cc.hut.fi

After a dozen hours of workarounding it finally works (almost) as I want it to.

I'll upload the code to CVS as soon as I've cleaned it up a bit and modified it to the new architechture by Mark. Also if someone would put that arch to CVS.. :)

From: Fabian Uffer fuffer@student.ethz.ch


I'm relatively new to C++ gui programing. But nonetheless I managed to hack together to little carddesk applets. Both are still in pre-alpha stage. Screenshots can be found here:

My code is probably not very well designed. So I don't know if it's of value for someone.

Just to let you know that the framework is great.


From: Derek Gaston dgaston@umr.edu

Spurred on by Fabian's two applets I thought I would submit an alpha shot of mine:

Besides being able to paste into the box, you can also drag and drop both on the card and onto the tab. My intended purpose was to be able to check those pesky forum postings quickly - just highlight your post in konqi and drag it to the cspell tab sitting in the corner and it will automatically check it and give you back your corrected text.

It works quite well right now - but I am still working out some small kinks and need to implement better layout management.

Enjoy the shot!


From: Michael A Nachbaur mike@nachbaur.com

Since everyone is showing off their applets, lemme plug this one.

It's by no means operational, but it's the start to a mixer slider applet that matches how the mixer looks in the mockup screenshots.

All I have right now is a class that extends QSlider and overloads the paintEvent to draw the gray bars and an arrow.

I'm also new to Qt/KDE (and haven't programmed in C++ in ages), so I doubt if it's clean or well designed, but it's a contribution. :)

From: Thomas Fuchs thomas.fuchs@free.fr


I have created a new applet for carddesk : the terrible Sysguard Card.

For those who don't know, ksysguard is the KDE application which shows you every statistics you want about your system. I reused the library to create the applet, so you can basically monitor everything in your card.

i compiled it with slicker-0.002, and it works just fine.

For now the card is configured with KSysGuardCard.xml, like the kicker applet. Of course it lacks a configure dialog, but that's on the TODO list.


Here are some of the older shots

Kurre kurre@cc.hut.fi

First screenshot. It's still buggy as hell, but I just wanted to let you know that progress is being made. Slowly but steadily.. :)

From: Markus Breitenberger

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