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Here are just a few mockup screen shots to help you visualise the idea. These will change to reflect any changes made.

click to enlarge them.

If you wish to make your own mockups, please have a look at the Layout documentation before going too much further.

There is a new version of the Kmenu as envisioned by Fop here. the Flash plugin is required. It's just a rough example and is in no way the finished thing.

Original mockups by Fop

Full Desktop

101 KB

Info Center

37.7 KB

41.7 KB

Mockups by others


Feature request [ 656682 ] Cross application colour palette

As a web designer I would like to see a Kard with a custom colour palette on so that I can keep my colours the same in different application more easily. It could be drag and drop or it could paste the colour value to the clipboard so that it can be easliy dropped into any app.

Extra requests from leinir: I had to start a new feature request, because I couldn't upload files to this one... But I've made a mockup screenshot of such a card in case anyone feels like playing around with KColorChooser? :)

Feature request [ 698859 ] Colour Pallette

To Fop: Something looking kinda like this? Drag and dropping the colour swatch might be possible if the programmer decides to enable it... This is basically a moved-around version of the KColorChooser, with one extra button (the copy button next to the HTML part).

Sorry for making this a new feature request, but I couldn't upload the mockup to the feature request Fop had made...


Feature request [ 698242 ] KGet style card

Extra requests from lou_greenwood: i mentioned something like this earlier, but didnt know the prog specifics, but i mentioned about tftp and cvs transfer ability, opinions on that?

Extra requests from leinir: Maybe the CVS thing should be a card in its own right... Kind of like Cervisia in a card? like, tada, the other screenshot mockup :)


Feature request [ 698242 ] KGet style card

Card would have the basic interface of KGet, i.e. would take over downloads and such from Konqueror and normally show a download window the same way, but in stead of docking, the card would at the same time contain a list of current, complete and pending downloads...


Feature request [ 699499 ] Notes card

Like the screenshot mockup... XML based file format?


Feature request [ 698423 ] Search stack

A set of applets that might be used with an "Add Stack" function which would load all four cards and stack them, conveniently placing them in the same place for organisation.

Card 1: Internet Search. Folded will let your enter search terms for the default search engines, or unfold and select which search engine(s) you want to use (Google, Altavista, Hot-But, Netscape, OpenMoz...) or view the last search results.

Card 2: File Search. Folded will let you enter search terms for the default search targets, or unfold and select where to search (Home, Entire system (/), Files on another computer (smb:// protocol using LISA?) or selected folder) or view the last search results.

Card 3: Buddy Search. Folded will give no actions. Unfolded will let you select network type (ICQ, Jabber, MSN...) and which client to add to (IM deck, maybe Kopete in a card?), and search terms applicable for that network (and client).

Card 4: Dictionary search. Folded will let you enter a search term. Unfolded will let you select where to search (Meriam-Webster, yourdictionary.com, OneLook, foldoc, OMD, Cambridge Dictionaries, Everything2.com...).

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