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  Logo Contest

What's in it for me?

The pride of beeing mentioned as the creator everywhere we put/use the logo.

Judges? you ask,

Well as we are quite many of us, registered anyways, everyone who's a Slicker member got a chance to place three votes, one and each of a different value.

  • 3pt - for best
  • 2pt - second best
  • 1pt - for a poor loser =)


You got a month to contribute your work. Meaning from now (2003-10-08 @ 20:00 CET) to the 8th of November, 2003 (2003-11-08 @ 20:00 CET).


Will be presented on our homepage, mailinglist, and in person. Within one week after the deadline (2003-11-08 @ 20:00 CET) *we'll need time to decide, japp =)*.

Any rules? Yeah,

  • Try not to plagaiarize to much (meaning don't rip-off other people's work, though resemblance/influance is ok!).
  • One can submit up to three submissions per person.

So pick three of your best drawings and submit them already ;-)

Ps. And NO!, asking to join the team, for the sole purpose of becoming a judge won't be allowed. You may join anytime, but you won't get privileged of judging this contest, only the next one (if we will have another one, that is...).

Contest entries

Vote for: Standsolid 1

Kenny Smith (aka: standsolid)

This is my first entry for a design.  I like logos to b designed 2-color in SVG or some other scalable vetor format FIRST -- so that gradients/ polish and whatnot can be added afterward.  This way you can make a cool 1 color t-shirt for cheap with the slicker logo on it (i'd sure wear this t-shirt!) or put it onto a webpage.

I included 2 files -- one with the "polish", one without.  you can see how it will look either way.

I'm not sure what format you'd like this in.  If the project is GPL I suppose my SVG source must be available as well, right?  I have an SVG source (Sodipodi) if so desired.

I did get the idea for gears from the KDE logo ( in case i have to quote source :) ), I also borrowed a shape (and modified it a bit) from the SVG logo on the KDE website.

Vote for: Leinir 1

Vote for: Leinir 2

Dan Jensen (aka: Leinir Turthra)

I made these logos to go well with the Reinhardt Widget style and Icon set. They are made in SVG and thus scale well (for t-shirts and other real life print).

Vote for: Sacerdo 1

Steve Tegtmejer (aka: Sacerdo)

This is my first entry for the contest. Made in PhotoShop.

Vote for: Olaf 1

Olaf Willuhn

i think it looks better as png with alpha channel transparency.

Vote for: Antti 1

Vote for: Antti 2

Vote for: Antti 3

Antti Pärnänen

Yellow/orange one and glassy one are made with Sodipodi and Photoshop and the blue text logo is made only with Photoshop. I made it for a practice but decided to send it here too. I have bigger versions of all of them, so I can send them you later if necessary. I have simpler SVG-versions of first two logos, too.

Vote for: Jon 1

Jonathan Von Neida (aka: jon)

here is my slicker logo i made in photoshop different sizes can be gotten from me if needed.

Vote for: Levy 1

Vote for: Levy 2

Chen Levy

Logo 1: This logo is influenced by lenir's slicker style icons. I know, I know it has a new name now, but for the life of me I will not be able to remember it. (Reinhardt - red.)

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